TalenTank: Smarter Recruiting

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We’re revolutionizing HR recruiting with a super innovative service, and we’re proud of it.

Talent Tank is recruiting made smart by an organizational culture analysis tool that identifies employees’ core values and monitors organizational culture to improve engagement and increase culture-fit hires. Talent Tank makes our already great matchmaking skills even better.

Your corporate culture shapes your company’s future. Understanding your company’s “DNA” allows you to hire people who fit in that culture and can flourish in it. As a result, your business has a much better chance to thrive and succeed.


In 2017, BMA partnered with Madrid-based tech startup Talent Tank, creator of an integrated SaaS (software as a service) that allows companies to map and track their corporate culture online, making it possible for them to shape their culture and hire the most compatible candidates.

Employees complete a six-minute survey, and the software analyzes the results, identifying their shared values, classifying company culture and subcultures, and showing which groups exert the most influence on the organization.

Using this information, you can examine the impact that changes and reorganizations have on your employees and culture, measure candidate compatibility, hire culture-fit candidates and build teams of value-aligned people who are more likely to be engaged, productive and loyal.

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Did you know?

Research shows that when employees are surrounded by people who are aligned with their values, their performance improves by 22 percent, conflicts decrease by 30 percent, and chances of turnover drop by 50 percent.