Get Solutions: You have problems. We have solutions.

Get Solutions: You have problems. We have solutions.

You have a business to run, but you spend most of your time putting out fires. How can your business thrive while you’re wrestling with hoses? Leave it to us. We put out fires and keep them from starting in the first place.

We have outsourcing programs for all your needs and solutions for every staff issue you may face. From temp services to business process or back office outsourcing (BPO), our solutions are designed to fit you like a glove.

Having solutions that cleverly fit your own particular business model and requirements will help you face challenges and reach objectives that are critical to your success. We can even set up an office for your company in another country. It’s a staggering enterprise loaded with questions and complications. We can do that and much more for you. It’s what we do.

BMA offers solutions tailored to your needs:

Positions at all levels

  • Technical
  • Administrative
  • Professionals
  • Management
  • Executive

Benefits of Outsourcing with BMA

  • Cost Advantages
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Lower Infrastructure Costs
  • Freedom to Focus on Core Competencies

One Great Value Solution

  • One supplier for the Region
  • Maximization of Mindfacturing (Needs designed solution)
  • BMA Methodology
  • Industry Specialization
I. Outsourced Services

It is said that for everything someone cannot or will not do, there is somebody else willing and able to do it better. We are that somebody.

While we cater to the specifications of your outsourced program, our uniform standards of recruitment, administration and compliance provide a consistent level of excellence. We know how to increase the quality of your talent and keep the costs in check. We help you weather contingent workers, independent contractors, two suppliers or a hundred.

Outsourced Services

  • Ideal undetermined periods of time
  • Choice of benefits
  • Runs on client’s structure:
    • Metrics Alignment
    • Training
    • Scorecard Reports
    • Variable Pay
    • Performance Incentives
    • Tools:
      • Mileage Reimbursement
      • Computer Equipment
      • Credit Card (Expense Policy)
      • Travel Policy
      • Business Cards
  • Strategic alignment with client objectives
  • Budget Control
  • Payroll and Work Scheduling
  • Scorecard aligned to strategic plan
  • Results Management
  • Complete HR Administration
    • Job Descriptions
    • Benefits
    • Training
    • Professional Development
  • Process Improvement Work Groups
    • Manufacturing Process Solutions
    • Lean Six Sigma (6σ)
    • Productivity Improvement (Kaizen)
    • Cost Reduction
    • Production Bench Marking
    • Process Automation
    • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
    • Performance Metrics (Measurability)
    • Validation Project Management
    • Construction/Qualification
    • Project Management
    • Facility and Utility Commissioning and Validation
    • Validation Master Planning
    • Process Equipment Validation
    • Process Validation
    • Computer Systems Validation
    • Cleaning Validation and Cleaning Validation Strategies
    • Re-Qualification
    • Standard Operating Procedures Preparation
BMA Group is a Human Resources Consulting firm that provides innovative business solutions
II. Business Process Outsourcing (Bpo)

Don’t worry; we’ll handle everything. This result-oriented, full-service outsourcing model that takes the responsibility from your hands.

We offer a wide range of BPO services to clients searching for creative ways to achieve high performance, control costs, reduce risks and increase transparency. Whether you need a back office down the street or in another continent, we can set it up for you.

Our BPO Model includes

  • End-to-end process
  • BMA provides technical leads
  • BMA manages people, resources & work
  • Client provides feedback on quality of the outcome
  • “Outcome” “Service Deliverable” = SOW language
  • Productivity Focused Scorecards

The best thing yet

We have the vast experience you need to expertly handle the problem you need solved.
BMA has experience in the following industries:

  • Commercial
  • Supply Chain & Manufacturing
  • Innovation & Tech Systems
  • Operations & Management
III. Temporary Employment

Just because a job is temporary doesn’t make it less important.

There are some 3 million temp workers in the U.S. comprising about 2 percent of the workforce. Why? Because temporary employment is convenient and suitable to meet specific staffing needs for a limited amount of time.

Right now, you may have a particular human resources issue that could be easily resolved with one or more temp workers. Think about it.

  • Ideal for pre-defined periods of time
  • Performance evaluations provide documentation to keep the workforce focused on results and documented for constant improvement
  • Optional benefits such as private medical and life insurance
  • Complete employee management
IV. Staff On Demand

Sometimes the only way to get by is with a little help of our friends. Staff on demand provides just the right kind of friendly and expert support and guidance you need, whenever you need it.

  • Quick access to talent:
    • Experienced
    • Reliable
    • Vetted
  • For recurring or occasional needs

Did you know?

Bma Group manages a contingent workforce of over 600 people in 23 countries with a 99% client satisfaction rate and a less than 1% turnover rate.

V. Performance Enrichment Program Services

Our PEP services offer a strategic, holistic approach to improve the performance of employees and enhance their careers. Happy people make happy, productive, effective workers.

As we provide resources to advance employees’ strengths and interests, we enrich their lives, promoting personal and professional growth that benefits employees and employers alike.


  • Executive
  • Managerial
  • Professional:
    • Assessment of Current State
    • Design of Desired State
    • Coaching Sessions and Exercises
    • Success Assessment


  • Diagnosis
  • Coaching:
    • Hogan Occupational
    • Scales Training
    • Interview Techniques
    • Job Market Assessment
  • One-Month Program (Wage)
  • Three-Month Program (Management)
  • Six-Month Program

Background Check

  • Criminal Records PR
  • Federal Criminal
  • Social Security Validation
  • Sexual Offender
  • Education Confirmation
  • Employment Verification
  • Employment References
  • Limited Denial Participation
  • FDA Debarment Search
  • Credit Report
  • OFAC
  • GLS

NIT (Neo Ingenious Talent)

  • High-Potential Recent Graduates
  • Three Six-Month Rotations
  • Professional:
    • Professional Development Training
    • Strategic Project Development
VI. Consulting

You have questions. We have answers.

To further support and enhance your business, BMA Group provides numerous consulting services that supplement our staffing and outsourcing divisions. They have worked for us, and they will work for you.

Background Check

  • Puerto Rico Criminal Records
  • Federal Criminal Records
  • Felony and Misdemeanors
  • Social Security Number Validation
  • Sexual Offender Check
  • Education Confirmation
  • Employment Verification
  • Employment Reference
  • Limited Denial Participation Check
  • Credit Report
  • OFAC
  • GLS
  • FDA Debarment Search

Outplacement Services

  • Direct Contributors
  • Management
  • Executive

Training Development & Delivery

  • Supervisor Academy
  • Customer Service
  • Custom Design


  • Personality
  • Talent
  • Competence
  • Technical

Strategy Design & Implementation

  • Formulation

Work System Design & Implementations

  • Job Description
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Objective Design
  • Performance Evaluation Systems

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