Get Talent: We recruit. We engage. We retain.

Get Talent: We recruit. We engage. We retain.

You want your company or organization to be the best that it can be. But you can’t do it alone. You need smart, ambitious, engaged people. You need people who will brainstorm with you, create with you, fight battles for you and share in the spoils. You need people who have more than just the right skills, people who have the competencies and culture to be successful in your organization right now.


Great companies are built and sustained by great people. Your success hinges on your ability to recruit, engage and retain the best talent out there. Easier said than done? Leave it to us.


We are specialized matchmakers. We match great companies with great people. Whether you’re looking for a few great men and women, or a lot, we at BMA Group are the right people for the job.

Talent Identification and Recruitment

You want an A-team that will be the envy of your peers. But how do you build one? How do you even start searching for these coveted professionals? Where do you find them? Finding the right people with the right super powers is a huge task that can overwhelm any company.

Cycle Time

7 days

Time to Fill

30 days

Staffing is at the center of all we do. We put our deep understanding of the labor market at your disposal to create mutually gratifying matches. Our process highlights three areas of expertise that enable us to provide you with the right fit.

Agility, or internal efficiency, is how we ensure prompt and effective communication with you about the position to be filled, your company and its environment. We go beyond skills, education and experience. We study your organization and your people and what behaviors make them successful in your environment.

Precision focuses on job motivation and behavioral interviews. All candidates must meet motivation standards in three areas: job challenge, company culture and geographical distance. We match competencies with your organization’s needs and motivation with situation. We check backgrounds to guarantee all the information.

Clear and accurate documentation is key for you to understand the candidates’ capabilities and make an objective, wise selection. You see their current compensation and expectations. We measure behavioral competencies and show you how they rank individually and comparatively. Our recruiters explain why and how our candidates fit in your organization and culture.


Did you know?

Our talent stays—99.7% of our recruits remain at their jobs for at least one year.