About BMA Group - A Human Resources Consulting firm

About BMA Group: A Human Resources Consulting firm

Brenda Marrero & Associates

BMA Group is a Human Resources Consulting firm that provides innovative business solutions to help our clients thrive in today’s ever-changing, hi-tech global marketplace. We have developed and perfected a smart recruitment process to attract, engage and retain your most valuable asset–employees. Through our services; which include Staffing, Executive Staffing, Outsourcing and Development Consulting, we impact organizations allowing them to exceed with talent and productivity performance beyond expectations. Our operations service the Americas, the Caribbean and Spain, with offices in Puerto Rico, Florida, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Panamá, Perú and Madrid.

Facts about BMA

Human resources industry experts since 1997

More than 2,000 employees

Fortune 100 clients

We serve the Americas, the Caribbean and Spain, with offices in Puerto Rico, Florida, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago,
Costa Rica, Panamá, Perú and Madrid.
Our Promise
We promise total satisfaction to our customers
We do this by meeting and exceeding requirements and expectations, providing adequate training of employees and ensuring 100% compliance of proven procedures
We are so confident of our craftsmanship that we offer a no cancellation fees, money back guarantee
We also don’t charge retainer fees
BMA Team

Arlette Assam

Regional Staffing Manager LATAM

Lismarie Morales

Senior Accountant & Associates/DDM Professional Leasing Services Inc

Franco Mondo

Recruitment & Outsourcing Global Sales Strategist

Awilda Gonzalez

Gabriela Rivera

Human Resources Business Partner

Juan C. Urrutia

Alejandra Martinez

Human Resources Assistant

Marily Gonzalez

Senior Talent Expert & Benefits Administrator

Brenda Marrero

CEO at BMA Group and its Divisions

Joao Viegas

Regional Account Executive

Adriana Martinez

HR Business Partner

Leyla Tuckler

Regional Marketing & Key Account Manager

Yody Luciano

President at BMA Group

Andrew Fuhrer

Financial Analyst

Thanienid Ramos Reyes

Talent Expert

Alice Rodríguez

Payroll Specialist

Javier Marrero Burgos

Adriana I. Delgado

Talent Expert

Stefano Lanza

Regional Account Executive

Enrique Divizzia

Gerente de Recursos Humanos y Operaciones – Perú

Kymberly St. Bernard

Yanery Rondón

HR Business Partner – Caribbean

Paola Gross

Human Resources Business Partner – Centroamerica

BMA Group offers the best talent in our changing global economy. Since 1997, we have been recognized for our services in the human resources industry. Today, BMA Group has thousands of employees working throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States.

Our secret to success is simple: we cater to your needs. We put our professional experience, innovative solutions and cultural diversity at your disposal. We want to help. We’re able to help. And we’re excited about it.

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